Salmon Fishing from Puget Sound to Northern California

Catch a Salmon from Northern California to Puget Sound

From the northern regions of California to the top of Puget Sound, in Washington State, Pacific Northwest of the United States offers anglers some of the best salmon fishing outside of Alaska.

Northern California Salmon Fishing

Advancing through Humboldt Bay, just south of Eureka, California, salmon begin making their way inland throughout the year. With Kings and silvers being the most coveted species, seasons vary for each species, as each begin their journey back to their birth-waters at different times of year.

Oregon Brookings Salmon Fishing

With the reputation as having the safest tidal pools on the Oregon coast, the waters along Brookings, Oregon have some of the best saltwater salmon fishing in Oregon. Silvers and Chinooks entering the mouth of the Chetco River stack up like cordwood as if an invading force before beginning their trip upriver.

Salmon Fishing in Winchester Bay

From just south of Ziolkouski Beach Park to just north of Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area on the northern Oregon coast, salmon funnel into Winchester Bay virtually year round. Fishing can be done from the dunes along the coast, the banks of the bay or by boat, with the area offering many professional salmon fishing charter services.

Barview Jetty Park Salmon Fishing

Set at the entrance to Tillamook Bay, Oregon, Barview Jetty Park provides anglers a natural funnel as salmon prepare to head inland. Bringing fish back to one of the largest mountain river drainages in the state, the entrance to Tillamook Bay provides salmon fishermen one of the rarest opportunities along the Pacific coast to catch salmon as the fish congregate in preparation for their journey home.

Salmon Fishing the Mouth of the Columbia River

Marking the boundary between Oregon and Washington State, the mouth of the might Columbia River empties into the Pacific between Hammond, Oregon and Cape Disappointment State Park‎, near Ilwaco, Washington. Every year, on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, millions of salmon enter the Columbia to begin their travels up the thousands of the river’s tributaries.

Washington Willapa and North Bays Salmon Fishing

Covering a 50-mile stretch from North Cove to Westport, Washington, the coastline along Willapa and North Bays provided anglers with access to salmon before they begin their migration up stream.

Puget Sound Calling all the salmon species of the Pacific Northwest home to spawn, the waters along northern Puget Sound collect millions of migrating salmon annually; Puget Sound is arguably the best place to go Salmon fishing in the Pacific Northwest.

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