Wholesale set of 4.75″ Rigged Hoochie Fishing Lures

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This is our latest complete set of Ultra Violet and Glow rigged hoochie lures from Lighthouse Lures. These are top quality lures that would cost up to $8.00 each in retail stores ($96.00 for the set). They are made with the finest quality skirts, line and hooks. These hoochies also feature 4 glow beads under the skirt to enhance visibility and to get the 5/0 octopus beak hooks to sit in the right position on the lure. You will notice that the trailing hook is at the end of the hoochie skirt and this is very important to increase hook ups. Salmon like to injure the bait from behind before swallowing head first and having a hook at the end of the skirt will definitely increase your catch rate. These are 4.75 inches and are great for catching all varieties of Salmon, Lake Trout, Halibut and other varieties of salt or fresh water fish. These lures are best when trolled behind a flasher or dodger. The 40lb mono leader line is 6 feet long and this allows you to shorten the leader length depending on which species you are targeting. Use the following as a guide for fishing.

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Product Description

Chinooks/Kings/Springs/Halibut/Lake Trout 36 inch to 52 inch leader length.

Coho/Silver Salmon 26 inches to 40 inches leader length.

Pinks/Sockeye/Trout 26-30 inch leader length.

Once you have cut the leader to appropriate size tie a bead swivel of a ball bearing swivel to the end of the line to attach to the flasher or dodger.

You get one of each of the following lures:

Glow Cop Car Hoochie

Glow Army truck Hoochie

Glow Green Spatterback Hoochie Out of Stock

Glow Orange Spatterback Hoochie

Glow Blue Spatterback Hoochie

Glow Pink Spatterback Hoochie

Extreme Glow Green Hoochie Out of Stock

Purple Swag Hoochie

Lucky Luke Ultra Violet Hoochie

Ultra Violet Peppermint Pete Hoochie

Ultra Violet Purple Haze Arctic White Hooochie Out of Stock

Speckled Pink Hoochie


The colour of the hoochie will react differently in various situations. Depth and water colour will play a factor in determining which one works best. With the 12 colours presented in this set you are ready for any situation. Experiment with different colours and depths for best results. Adding scent to your lure is always recommended. Fish have an extremely good sense of smell. Keep Calm Fish On!