L.E.D. Lights for Fishing – $11.00 for 2 L.E.D. fishing lights


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Product Description

“The Lighthouse” L.E.D. Light for Fishing

Try our all new 7 colour flash L.E.D. light. It is amazing!

NEW COLOURS JUST ADDED: Green Double Flash, White Double Flash, Blue Double Flash, UV Flash, Red Double Flash! Other colours available 7 Colour Flash and White Double Flash. These are all 2.25 inch long.

All new Mini Lights available in Green Double Flash and 7 Colour Flash (2 inches long)

Micro L.E.D. Flashing Light for Fishing or as a Flasher

Our single and double flash micro led lights can be used for salmon fishing by inserting the light inside a hoochie or squid skirt. You can also use the led hoochie as an alternative to a flasher by rigging a spoon or bait behind the led hoochie. With this set up attach a swivel to the end of the led hoochie instead of your hook set up and run a leader from the led hoochie to the spoon or bait. Give it a try it works very well.

Micro L.E.D. Flashing Light for Crab, Prawn and Lobster Traps

You can also use these flashing led lights in your crab trap, prawn trap or lobster trap to help attract your catch.

Micro L.E.D. Flashing Light Unit for Safety

These Micro flashing light units also work well on life jackets for safety purposes. They will only illuminate when they are in the water and automatically turn off when the light unit leaves the water. Order yours now.

Micro Led Flashing light for Ice Fishing

It’s pretty dark under the ice so many of our customers have used The Lighthouse to help attract light to their  bait. Use The Lighthouse to increase your chances of catching fish and use the natural instincts of fish to be attracted to light.


2 x Red Double Flash L.e.d. Fishing Lights



2 x Ultra Violet Fishing Lights



2 X 7 Colour Flash L.E.D. Fishing Lights



2 X Green Flash L.E.D. Fishing Lights

Additional Information


1 Blue and 1 Green Double Flash, 1 Blue Double Flash and 1 White Double Flash, 1 Green Double Flash and 1 UV Flash, 1 Green Double Flash and 1 White Double Flash, 1 Red and 1 Blue Double Flash, 1 Red and 1 Green Double Flash, 1 Red Double Flash and 1 White Double Flash, 2 x 7 Colour Flash, 2 x 7 Colour Flash Mini ( 2 inch ), 2 x Blue Double Flash, 2 x Green Double Flash Mini (2 inch), 2 x Green Flash, 2 x Red Flash, 2 x UV Flash, 2 x White Flash