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LED Fishing Lights Wholesale Pack 5 Pieces – $19.99 for 5 LED Lights

$24.99 $19.99


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Product Description

LED Fishing Lights Wholesale Pack 5 Pieces

We are now offering our LED Fishing Lights Wholesale Pack for a great low price. We offer them in Double Flash Green, White, Red and Blue. We also have 7 colour flash and Ultra Violet flash. You can now get a pack of 5 of our high quality lights for $19.99 plus $6.00 shipping. These lights can be used for many purposes. They can be added to Squid or Hoochie skirts, in all types of crab, lobster, prawn and crawfish traps, you can use them in place of a flasher of dodger, they can be used as a safety device attached to a life jacket or for scuba diving. These versatile lights have many uses and are proven effective. They are superb for caching all types of bottom fish, salmon, sea bass, large trout, sturgeon and all other salt and fresh water fish. Its quite simple fish are attracted to light! Please check your local regulations when using lighted fishing lures. They are perfectly legal in Canadian salt water as long as the light is on the line within 1 meter of the hook. Check your local freshwater laws as they can vary but province. For the US – regulations can change so please check your local fishing rules and regulations. We have turned heads with many customers using our led fishing lights. They simply are amazed at the results the lights can have. Be creative as there are many ways to use the lights to your advantage. Please remember to take a picture of your catch and share it with us. Send your photos or videos to

Do they work? Yes they do!

Here is a recent submission to the BC Sportfishing Forum from Nootka Sound. “I had plotted a couple of ling and hali spots well off-shore-didn’t know what to expect- but it was without a doubt the best ling and hali fishing I have ever experienced. A big shout out to the new smaller size LED from Lighthouse_ I put them in a very large hoochy, spreader bar with a 9inch herring and circle hooks– outfished the same 9 inch herring and no light by an embarrassing margin. We were limited on Hali’s and lings by 0930.” -Spring Fever.

New Mini lights available (2 inch) in Green Double Flash and 7 Colour Flash

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5 x 7 Colour Flash, 5 x 7 colour flash mini (2 inch), 5 x Blue Flash, 5 x Green Double Flash, 5 x Green Double Flash Mini (2 inch), 5 x Red Double Flash, 5 x Ultra Violet Double Flash, 5 x white Double Flash, Sample Pack (5) White Blue Red Green and UV flash.