L.E.D. fishing lure enhancers

L.E.D. Fishing Lure Enhancer Lights Wholesale 5 Pack – $24.99



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Product Description

L.E.D. Fishing Lure Enhancer Lights Wholesale 5 Pack

5 L.E.D. Fishing Lure Enhancers from Lighthouse Lures at a wholesale price. These flashing fishing lights are water activated and can last up to 150 hours. The lights emit a small voltage charge along with the l.e.d. light to attract fish to your line. Great for jigging, casting and trolling. Recently we had a review where this lure enhancer along with a 2 inch hoochie out fished a coho killer 4 to 1. Use it for all types of purposes even as a flasher. The light unit is 2 inches in length. These lights are also great for ice fishing, crab or lobster traps, safety device on life jackets and all types of fishing applications. Colours available include: Triple Colour Flash, Red Flash, Blue Flash, Green Flash and White Flash.  If you are looking for a water activated light with multiple uses then these flashing fishing lights are what you need. They have been used to catch multiple species from Halibut to Sailfish and can work at depths of up to 1000 feet deep. Recently one of our customers was using them at very deep depths to catch Sailfish. Please have a look at the photo below to see the results.

Esca Lure Light from Lighthouse Lures


Keep Calm Fish On!

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5 x Blue Flash, 5 x Green Flash, 5 x Red Flash, 5 x Triple Colour Flash, 5 x White Flash, Sample Pack one of each colour