Purple Swag Hi Tech Hoochie Fishing Lure



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Product Description

“I caught a 20 pound Chinook Salmon on the Lighthouse Lures Purple Swag hi tech hoochie last Monday and 3 others between 12 and 14 on the army truck l.e.d. fishing lure….my brother in law is a believer now and is spreading the word, all the salmon as well as 7 undersized Chinook were all caught within the same 40 minute time frame…..there was never a dull moment as the rods were not stagnant for long………”

Dave in Coombs B.C.

The Purple Swag Ultra Violet Flash L.E.D. Fishing lure is a real gem. Featuring a black speckled back with a purple underbody these squid lures will drive the fish a deeper depths crazy. Some of the most effective lures used to catch salmon and Halibut are oddly enough purple and black in color. When you are fishing deeper into the water column, colors such as pink and red turn gray and are therefore not as visible to fish. Therefore purple and black continue to stay visible even as the lure is trolled in water as deep as 150 feet, where visibility is extremely low. This is were our electronic lures have the advantage. As you go beyond 40 feet there is virtually limited visability. Our lures attract fish by emmiting a single pulsating flash in the water to stir the attention of the fish and tempt them into a frenzy. The Purple Swag is a sure winner.

Additional Information


4.75 inch


Purple/Black Ultra Violet Flash (2 lures per order)