Glow and Ultra Violet Trolling Flashers


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Product Description

Glow and Ultra Violet Trolling Flashers from Lighthouse Lures

Lighthouse Lures sells 11″ trolling flashers to help you catch more fish. These Glow and Ultra violet trolling flasher are offered to our customers at a wholesale price. These flashers have been proven to be very effective and are made of very good quality materials. With this order you get 4 brand new Ultra Violet and Glow trolling flasher which can be used for Salmon, Cod, Trout, Halibut and other big game predators. Our flashers feature a unique ladder design which enables more of the glow and ultra violet powder in the blade of the flasher to be visible to the fish. They are fully equipped with ball bearing swivels and snap clips so that you can easily add your bait or lure right to the end of the flasher. We are offering 4 great colours in this set. Extreme Glow Green, Late season Glow Purple and Gold, Ultra Violet blade with red tape and Ultra violet blade with multi colour tape. You can cover any situation with this combo of flashers.

These trolling flashers are deadly for all Saltwater and Freshwater large fish.

Use the following for a guide on your leader lengths:

Chinooks/Kings/Springs/Halibut/Lake Trout 36 inch to 52 inch leader length.

Coho/Silver Salmon 26 inches to 40 inches leader length.

Pinks/Sockeye/Trout 26-30 inch leader length.

Salmon Trolling Flashers

Lighthouse Lures Salmon Trolling Flashers

Once you have cut the leader to appropriate size tie a bead swivel of a ball bearing swivel to the end of the line to attach to the flasher.