White Hoochie Fishing Lure LED Purple Haze


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Product Description

White Hoochie Purple Haze Electronic Fishing Lure

The Artic White Hoochie fishing lure is made with an Ultra Violet skirt in with the original “Purple Haze” hoochie in mind. All of our octopus fishing lures feature a luminous  bead for better visibility and of course our trademark Micro L.E.D. fishing light embedded in the lure. This fishing lure is great for low light periods or plankton filled waters. A lot of big chinook salmon have been caught with these lures just after sunset. Add a little scent to these lures and it will drive the fish crazy! This is a killer coho lure as well. The white hoochie lure is made with an ultra sharp Mustad J hook and 50lb leader line. Only the best will do! Available in 4.75 inch with a 7 colour flash led light. We have caught many fish with this lure….it’s one of our best sellers and it’s awesome!

White Hoochie Purple Haze salmon lure

Joey from California used our white hoochie fishing lure combination with a 7 colour flash led light on his commercial boat to catch many fish last season. These lures work very well.

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4.75 inch with 7 colour flash


Ultra Violet Arctic White