Extreme Glow Green Electronic Hoochie Lure


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Product Description

Extreme Glow Green Electronic Hoochie

The Extreme Glow Green Electronic Hoochie Lure is a great lower water column hoochie lure for overcast conditions. With its extreme glow properties and double glow capabilities it is a great hoochie lure for Halibut, Lingcod, Seabass, Rock Fish, Chinook and Coho. This hoochie glows extremely bright. A favourite hoochie lure among many anglers. If you really want a glow green hoochie lure that is going to get noticed in the water then this is a great lure for you. Green is a great colour at lower depth in the water and when you add the double flash LED light to the hoochie it further enhances its effectiveness in the water. We have had a lot of success with big halibut and feeder chinooks/kings on this lure. For leader lengths we suggest anywhere from 42 to 72 inches long from the flasher. These electronic fishing lures are 4.75 inches long with a 5/0 J hook and 40lb monofilament line. The lures are solid so that the light stays in its place and feature a glow bead at the top of the hoochie skirt to prevent any chaffing on the line. Our electronic hoochie lures are available in 8 different colours to suit any light or water condition.