Cop Car Glow Hoochie Electronic Fishing Lure



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Product Description

L.E.D. Fishing Lures/Electronic Fishing Lures

Cop Car Glow Hoochie Electronic Fishing Lure

The Cop Car Glow is a highly visible hoochie lure and works very well for Chinook, Kings or Springs . Sometimes a change of colour is all that is needed to make the difference. With the glow skirt and the addition of a black Stripe down the back makes it the “Cop Car” of hoochies.  Also works well with all other game fish such as Lingcod, Rockfish, Stripe. All of our electronic fishing lures come complete with a double or single flash Micro L.E.D. light unit inside of them to help you attract and catch more fish.

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Black/White/Red with Red Flash Led Light