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Product Description

Electronic Squid Lures

Try out these great electronic squid lures. These lighted cuttlefish work great for halibut, lingcod, rockfish, snapper, tuna and salmon. The light units work great to attract big game fish into biting. Great for jigging you can even troll them or dodger them for BIG Chinook salmon! You can add scent or  (live) bait to these lures to stir up even more action. With this complete set you get 2 X 9 inch Squid Lures.  One Ultra Violet Pearl White with a 7 colour flash L.E.D. Light and one Green Speckled Glow with a double green flash Led light. You also get 4 of our very popular 7 inch L.E.D. Squid Lures Orange Oliver with 7 colour flash L.e.d. light, Green Speckled Glow with green double flash Led light, Ultra Violet Pearl White with Ultra Violet flash and our Blood Alley Red Squid with Red double flash L.E.D. light. The 7 inch Lures have 80lb test and stainless steel 6/0 hooks. The 9 inch electronic squid lures have 100lb test and 8/0 stainless steel hooks. The lights in the lure are water activated and can be replaced. The lights last up to 150 hours. This is a fantastic package for a number of species from Tuna to Halibut. Great to catch numerous bottom fish. These Squid Lures are real killers. A must have for serious anglers.

The complete set of Lighthouse Electronic Squid Lures

The complete set of Lighthouse Electronic Squid Lures

Lighthouse Lures Squid Lures

Thanks to Ocean Rambler Fishing Adventures out of Ucluelet, B.C. for sharing this photo of a great day Halibut fishing using Lighthouse Lures LED squid lures.


Dear Lighthouse Lures thanks for the great electronic squid lures! I used the green one to catch a bunch of Halibut. I will recommend them to my fishing buddies.” 

Thanks Keith.

“I received my order. Thanks for the quick response and taking care of this. This is great customer service and I will spread the word to my friends and give you my business in the future.

I was starting to get concerned that I would not have the lures I ordered for the Washington halibut opener this weekend. Last year my fishing partner showed up with your lighted cuttle fish and ended up catching all of the halibut that came in the boat. After seeing first hand that they out fished my proven set up I was convinced that I needed to find out where the lure came from and have some of my own for this season.”

Brian in Washington State.