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Complete Electronic Fishing Lure Set – $149.00



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Product Description

Complete Electronic Fishing Lure Arsenal

Electronic Fishing Lure-With this order you get the complete line of Electronic Fishing Lures. One unit of each Hoochie /Octopus (8 x 4.75 inch), Squid lures (3 x 7 inch) and our famous Shooting Star lures(2 x 5 inch). You also get 2 x 7 inch Magnum double glow lures, 5 L.E.D. fishing lights and 5 x L.E.D. Lure enhancers. All hoochies are complete with Micro L.E.D. light units inside of them to attract more fish! 5 additional micro L.E.D. flashing light units are included for replacement, crabbing, prawns, lobster fishing or safety purposes. Fish for Salmon, Halibut, Cod, Rockfish, Dorado, Sailfish, Jacks, Grouper, Tuna, and all other big game fish that love Octopus and Squid. These are top quality fishing lures ready to catch fish! At $149.00 for the complete set you save $50.00 off retail pricing with this order.

L.E.D. Salmon Fishing Lures

Our electronic fishing lure set works great for catching Salmon, Lingcod and Halibut. They are also used for fishing Tuna, Sailfish, Jacks, Grouper, Dorado and all types of Rockfish. Try them out when you are fishing for any saltwater big game fish. This is the best led lure fishing package available on the market. The lights will last up to 150 hours and are water activated so you don’t have to turn them on and off. These lures are becoming a favourite weapon for many anglers! Keep Calm Fish On!

A great day fishing with Lighthouse Lures!

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1 of each (30 pieces)