Lighthouse Lures Reviews

 Lighthouse Lures Reviews

Lighthouse Lures is always looking for feedback on our products.  The following content are actual Lighthouse Lures reviews of our products. We are constantly improving our line of products looking for new and  innovative ways to attract fish to your line. Please feel free to share your stories and pictures with us and in return every month we send a free gift to the best review. You can contact us at:

Here are some recent reviews from our great clients:

Thanks to for this review of our G.L.O. Spoons:

Got out on the local water today at sun up(Nanaimo. B.C.). Was fairly consistent with shakers, till 0930 “major bite time”, then the rods started to bounce with force . First a nice 28.5″ Chinook, then while snapping a quick pic, the same rod started peeling out line, after a 13 minute battle we landed a nice 35.5″ Chinook. Both fell for the lemon lime 3.25″ spoon from Lighthouse Lures

Andrews west coast using Lighthouse Lures Spoons


Thanks to Alex for this photo of a Monster Halibut caught using our 9″ Electronic Squid Lures.

Alec with a nice 66lbs Halibut using the 9" White Monter with 7 colour flash L.E.D. light.

Alec with a nice 66lbs Halibut using the 9″ White Monter with 7 colour flash L.E.D. light.

Thanks to Steve from Ocean Rambler fishing adventures in Victoria and Ucluelet for this review:

Testing out the new Lighthouse Lure, glow spoons work great! Steady action great hooks my new favorite! Lots of colors still left to test! The photo below is a nice catch using the Pink Racer glow spoon.

GLO Salmon Trolling Glow Spoons review

I received my order. Thanks for the quick response and taking care of this. This is great customer service and I will spread the word to my friends and give you my business in the future.

I was starting to get concerned that I would not have the lures I ordered for the Washington halibut opener this weekend. Last year my fishing partner showed up with your lighted cuttle fish and ended up catching all of the halibut that came in the boat. After seeing first hand that they out fished my proven set up I was convinced that I needed to find out where the lure came from and have some of my own for this season.

Brian in Washington State.

Joey in California recently sent this photo to us after testing our Arctic White L.E.D. Hoochies out. He bought our white hoochie skirts and 7 Colour flash L.e.d. lights and rigged them with single siwash hooks and 40lb test. He liked the results so much he bought 250 more to use throughout the season. Thanks for sharing Joey.



I fish west coast Haida Gwaii and yesterday I used 2 led blinking type lures in rennell sound. My companions used mudrakers with octopus bait and I just used the led squid on a spreader bar. In 1 hr, I caught 8 halibut ave 40″ to 49″. My 2 friends hooked 2 both under 30″. Sadly I lost 1 lure after 6 fish in a row. No one up here as seen such a lure and it got comments such as ” catches lots of fishermen or it belongs on a Xmas tree”. No one is laughing now as I had limited and let my friend use it and he got his keeper in less than 5 min after jigging without success for an hr.

Kerry Laidlaw
Haida Gwaii
BC Canada



Hi there!

My name is Peter and I am looking to order some lights for my hoochies. I have used your product in the past (actually all last summer) and I must say, they are phenomenal for those “lockjaw” Chinook in South Puget Sound. I won the lights as a raffle prize last spring and put them to the test all summer long. Specifically in the evening, I never went home empty handed–while everyone else was looking at me dumbfounded and asking why in the world, every night, I would be coming back with at least 1 fish. I maxed out 2 catch cards and put up 16 fish on the 3rd before mid September. Just wanted to throw that out there that I was EXTREMELY satisfied. 

Thank you!


Dear Lighthouse Lures,

Just wanted to send you guys a quick e-mail thanking you for great lures. We
started using your LED hoochie lures early this last year with some doubt. After
a few times out I was sold on them. We have proven their efficiency. I take
friends out on a regular basis and they to are always in doubt, by the end of
the day I am rigging them up with one. Attached is a picture of my wife from our
recent trip. Thanks again, keep up with the great product.

James in Washington State.



2 nice coho caught using Lighthouse Lures L.E.D. fishing lures.

Dear Peter,

This picture should have been with the Lighthouse lure I was using. Green flasher with a Lighthouse green flash l.e.d. light with the green spatterback hoochie.
We spent 4 days at Sekiu fishing. The first two days we had to work to get limits and be off the water by noon. The first day, 5 of 6 fish were all caught on the lighthouse lures set up, the other rod had the same flasher and hoochie colors with no Lighthouse Lure and it only produced one fish. Had a similar experience day two where 4 fish out of 6 were on the Lighthouse Lures set up. Noticeably more action from the Lighthouse Lures. I believe the testimonial that indicates AT LEAST 30% more action. It also worked great for Kings in July, same set up was catching fish when others without the Lighthouse Lures were not.

Thanks for the great product and I am spreading the word.

Brian in Washington State.



Brian with a 15lb Coho caught using a Green Spatterback Hoochie Electronic Fishing Lure from Lighthouse Lures

Got this great story the other day from Cindy in Washington State sometimes we really need to listen to our wives!:

Dear Peter:  I purchased one of your lures from Compass Rose a store in Clallam Bay, WA. My husband his friends and my brother all made fun of me for buying it. My husband would not let me use it and I finally used it in mid August for silvers. I was the only person in the boat that was catching fish. When we got home my husband had me go on line and order 4 more. PS I do know what I am doing as I am on my 3rd catch card this season mostly silvers. I would love to try your lures on Halibut and other bottom fish. Have a look at the photo!



Cindy with a nice catch of Salmon using Lighthouse Lures

Hi Peter, 
I want to thank you for your fast response and support. I got your two lures. I used one on the last day. Near dawn we were trying to catch small squid. But some blue sharks popped up. I quit. I didn’t want to loose my lure to sharks. Than late in the day we were fishing a large kelp patch. I caught a nice 20lb Yellowtail Jack. Thanks for the lures. Caught on a 7inch Magnum Green Spatterback L.E.D. Fishing Lure.Patrick in San Diego


Hey Guys,

I got my lures yesterday in Port Hardy and used it today. I got a 30 pound spring salmon with the lure. I have attached a great image of it for you. Thanks for the great product!

Micah in Port Hardy, B.C.



A 30lb King Salmon caught on an Army Truck Double Green Flash Hoochie fishing lure.

Hi Peter,

We had a great day Salmon fishing off Kitty Coleman Beach with Lighthouse Lures. Using the green & white speckleback we caught our limit of both Coho & Chinook quickly then proceeded to catch & release for fun. Looks like your really onto something!

Dave B, Vancouver Island



Limiting out on Coho and Chinook

using the L.E.D. Green Spatterback

Lure from Lighthouse Lures


This photo was sent from Patty and Cooper. All the fish they caught were on Lighthouse Lures. A mix of Chinook’s and Coho Salmon. They claim the Arctic White and the Peppermint Pete were the lures of choice as well as one caught on the Purple Swag. Great Photo guys!!




“I caught a 20 pound Chinook Salmon on the Lighthouse Lures Purple Swag hi tech hoochie last Monday and 3 others between 12 and 14 on the army truck l.e.d. fishing lure….my brother in law is a believer now and is spreading the word, all the salmon as well as 7 undersized Chinook were all caught within the same 40 minute time frame…..there was never a dull moment as the rods were not stagnant for long………”


Dave in Coombs B.C.


This photo was sent from a Vancouver Firefighter named Steve. On a recent trip to Bela Coola he used our Ocean Blue Electronic Squid Lure and caught all of these fish in 2 hours off the one lure.




Steve in Bella Coola caught all these with the Ocean Blue Squid Lure from Lighthouse Lures in 2 hours.


Your Lighthouse Lures Green Machine Squid lures works great! I caught this 35lb Halibut on it. I sent you a photo from the water. We were fishing outside of Mission Bay San Diego.



Devon in San Diego.


Devon with a 35lb Halibut on a Green Machine Squid Lure from Lighthouse Lures.


I bought four of your LED Flashing Squid lures last month. My son Devon in the photo’s used the green one while we were fishing our favorite White Seabass spot. The deckhands were laughing at him using the lure. Well that changed when he in pulled in the Toad Calico and once the sun went down pulled in the White Seabass in the photo. Since I had 3 extra everybody was offering to buy them, But No Way will I give them up. We rigged them with a 3 oz sliding sinker that allowed a slow drop to the bottom. I like the fact that we can re-use them as once they dry the flasher stops and we have fished approx 40 hours and they are still functioning. We have caught over 40 Calico’s and 3 additional White Seabass on these lures. Thanks for the great product.
Ed in California.


I purchased your 7″ Squid lures last year and caught many ling cod, vermillion and white seabass. The double hooks are great for pinning on a live squid for white seabass and halibut. They like to nibble the bait before making a commitment. White seabass like to bite in the early morning from 3AM to early light. I believe I have the advantage over the other fisherman with my lighted squid during these dark morning hours. The rubber squid are the best glow squid I have ever purchased. I even enjoy turning the lights off at night in my garage and see the squid  glow on my work bench. Thanks and I will be buying more soon.

Leonard Lake Elsinore, California

I bought a couple of your lures a few months ago. One was a green and white the other one was dark purple.  I finally went fishing today to try them out.  I was fishing out of Ventura Sport Fishing. We went down the coast about an hour.  We were fishing about 1 to 2 miles from shore hard to tell sort of foggy. Everyone on the boat was asking about the lures that me and this other guy were using. A guy on the boat caught a nice 20lb. Halibut. I said how are you rigged up he said an electronic lure. I said I have a electronic lure also but it is a Hoochie type lure.  I hooked it up with a  2oz sliding sinker  threw it in and got slammed within 5 minutes.  I caught a 35lb White Seabass. Here is a picture with the lure hanging out of the Sea Bass’ mouth.



Terry with a 35lb Seabass off a Peppermint Pete Electronic Fishing Lure from Lighthouse Lures

Thanks for the great lure,

Terry in Ventura, California

I can tell you without hesitation that light lures work and they work extremely well.  We have been using lighted lures for the last upteen years and have caught our fair share of steelhead.  In fact my biggest steelhead to date is a 20 lb’er caught on a lighted lure.

See more from Bob @



Dear Lighthouse Lures,

Just wanted to let you know that the lures did very well. I bought the complete L.E.D. lure set from you in the spring. I didn’t use them much at first as bait was more popular at that time. However I decided to give them a try in September (Coho) season, used the Army Truck Hoochie and it went crazy with strikes every 10 mins. I had good fishing using the Cop Car hoochie as well. I plan to use the Squid Lures for Halibut.



Victoria, B.C.

Dear Lighthouse Lures,

 Fishing here on the Arrow Lakes has slowed down considerably in the last few weeks with not much luck using my regular plugs and hair. It was near the end of the day so i thought i would try an Electronic Hoochie (Artic White). I was amazed when I caught six bull trout the biggest which was about 11 lbs. Thank you lighthouselures for making this great lure and it is one of the first that I will put in the water.
Herb Speidel, Revelstoke, BC.


“We ran a test on Salmon this season using non-lighted and lighted lures. The lighted lures catch 30% more fish.  It also caught larger fish.  I’m converted.  I have given several of them to friends and they have all come back and said that they work well.  I will be ordering more for next year’s Nootka trip.”

Stan Bovetz, Woodenville, Washington, U.S.A.

“Just want to say thanks for the lures they worked great. All my buddies were sceptical until I started pulling salmon out of the water! I will definitely recommend your products”

Steve, Nanaimo BC.

“Dear Lighthouse Lures,

We thought we would send you this pictures of a 24lb Spring we caught using your  Lighthouse Lures green spatterback hoochie. Thanks and we will recommend them to our friends!”

Mateo and Cousins, Vancouver B.C.



A beautiful 24lb Spring Slamon caught using a green splatterback hoochie from Lighthouse Lures


Lighthouse Lures-Thanks for the great lure. I used an Artic White to catch this Spring and I thought I would send you a photo.

Rick, Vancouver, B.C.



Dear Lighthouse Lures thanks for the great squid lure! I used the green one to catch a bunch of Halibut. I will reccomend them to my fishing buddies. Thanks Keith, Haida Gwaii B.C.”



A nice Halibut caught using a Green Machine Squid Lure from Lighthouse Lures

Dear Lighthouse Lures,

“I tested your products up here in Alaska and had some extremely good success with your squid lures. Thanks and I will let my friends know about them.”

Steve, Alaska, U.S.A.



A nice days catch with Lighthouse Lures

Dear Lighthouse Lures, Your Squid Lures are working very well for yelloweye, pacific cod, and lingcod. I got a 2 yelloweye and 92cm lingcod yesterday.

Jin, Victoria, B.C.