Great Places To Fish For Salmon-Vancouver Island

Many consider the west coast of Vancouver Island one of the best saltwater salmon fishing locations on the planet. The northwest, southwest and middle of the coast are some of the spots favored by anglers. Visitors find numerous experienced guides who know the perfect destinations for catching salmon. Guests may also go out on their own. Besides the great year long salmon fishing, the coast offers some of the most picturesque scenery around. Sandy beaches, pine forests and the peaks of the Rocky Mountains come into view as anglers return with the day’s catch. Relax in comfortable lodges with great food or enjoy a hike on one of the many trails in the area.

After arriving on the island by ferry, anglers might travel to the northwest coast and one of the many inlet bays of the area. Fair Bay on the Kyuquot Sound and Winter Harbour on the Quatsino Sound are two popular locations. From May through September, Chinook salmon travel past as they make their way inland for spawning season. Two miles out, fishermen often sail to Spring Island, catching salmon at depths anywhere from 40 to 110 feet. The Rock Piles by Lookout Island are another favored spot and salmon lurk at depths here of about 180 feet below the surface. Anglers catch salmon here and at the 50 Fathom Edge all year long. Many know the Edge as the Salmon Highway.

Port Renfrew on the southwest coast is another salmon hotspot. Deep waters rise meeting the outflow currents, which offer a variable smorgasbord for marine life. A few miles offshore lies the Swiftsure Bank marine sanctuary, but anglers commonly fish around the perimeter. Salmon love these nutrient rich waters, as they fatten up before spawning. The abundance of food also attracts other marine life, which provides the opportunity of a lifetime for viewing humpback and killer whales, dolphins and sea lions.

In the middle of the west coast lies Ucluelet. Not receiving much rain or wind during the summer makes this location popular for saltwater salmon fishing. Though anglers may catch any of the five salmon species found in the local waters, the prized Chinook and Coho commonly swim to and fro, journeying into and out of the Campbell River. Fishermen have 30 different favorite spots here that vary in depth and distance from the shore. Anglers often finish the day with up to 150 pounds of fresh fish in the cooler.

There are so many great places to fish on Vancouver Island that this whole website could be dedicated to talking about them. The best thing to do is to get over there and start enjoying the wonderful salmon fishing available. For more fishing tips and advice visit us at Keep your lines tight!



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