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The Green Machine Led Squid Fishing Lure

At Lighthouse Lures we produce state of the art fishing lures to catch more fish! Our quality hoochies, octopus, squid and crankbait lures are equipped with L.E.D. lights to attract more fish. The lights only work when they touch the water and turns off automatically when they leave the water. This unique line of fishing lures is great for catching Salmon, Halibut, Lingcod, Seabass, Rockfish, Bass, Pike, Muskie, Grouper, Striper, Kingfish, Flounder, Tuna, Dorado, Mahi and all other game fish attracted to squid, octopus and baitfish lures. Lighthouse Lures are made with the highest standard of line, skirts, hooks and crimps for the most demanding angler. The goal is to catch more fish and these lures give you that advantage.

“We ran a test on Salmon this season using non-lighted and lighted lures. The lighted lures catch 30% more fish.  It also caught larger fish.  I’m converted.  I have given several of them to friends and they have all come back and said that they work well.  I will be ordering more for next year’s Nootka trip.”

Stan Bovetz, Woodenville, Washington, U.S.A.

Lighthouse Lures L.E.D. Hoochie fishing lures

New Products:

L.E.D. Fishing Lure Enhancer Lights Wholesale 5 Pack

L.E.D. Fishing Lure Enhancer Lights Wholesale 5 Pack$24.99 for 5 L.E.D. Lure Enhancers

L.E.D. Fishing Lure Enhancer Lights Wholesale 5 Pack This is a wholesale pack of 5 Lighthouse Lure Enhancers. They are water activated l.e.d fishing lights and can last up to 200 hours. The lights emit a small voltage charge along with the l.e.d. light to attract fish to your line. Great for jigging, casting and … [View Details]

L.E.D. Fishing Lights Wholesale Pack 5 Pieces

L.E.D. Fishing Lights Wholesale Pack 5 Pieces$19.99 for 5 LED Lights

L.E.D. Fishing Lights Wholesale Pack 5 Pieces We are now offering wholesale pricing on our LED Fishing Lights. We offer them in Double Flash Green, White, Red and Blue. We also have 7 colour flash and Ultra Violet flash. You can now get a pack of 5 of our high quality lights for $19.99 plus … [View Details]

Complete Electronic Fishing Lure Set

Complete Electronic Fishing Lure Set$149.00 for 1 complete set

Complete Electronic Fishing Lure Arsenal With this order you get the complete line of Electronic Fishing Lures. One unit of each Hoochie /Octopus (12 x 4.75 inch), Squid lures (4 x 6 inch) and our famous Shooting Star lures(2 x 5 inch). You also get 2 x 7 inch Magnum double glow lures, 5 L.E.D. fishing lights and … [View Details]

Hoochie Mama Electronic Fishing Lure Set

Hoochie Mama Electronic Fishing Lure Set$125.00 for the complete Hoochie Set

The Hoochie Mama Electronic Fishing Lure Set With the Hoochie Mama electronic fishing lure set you are getting the complete arsenal of our Hoochie L.E.D. fishing lures. From the Arctic Light Purple Haze and Army Truck to the Purple Swag hoochie this order features one of each of our specialty hoochie lures. All lures feature our Micro … [View Details]

Complete Set of L.E.D. Squid Rigged Bait/Electronic Cuttlefish

Complete Set of L.E.D. Squid Rigged Bait/Electronic Cuttlefish$36.95 for all 4 lures

Complete L.E.D. Fully Rigged Squid Lures Try out these great electronic cuttlefish. These lighted squid work great for halibut, Salmon, lingcod, rockfish, Snapper and Salmon. The light units work great to attract big game fish into biting. Great for jigging you can even troll them or dodger them for BIG Chinook salmon! You can even add scent … [View Details]